"Uranus Chandelier Industries" has always been a favorite of Iranian buyers of interior decorations with its creative combination of art and craft for 25 years, and by offering various products. The scope of this good fortune includes the continuous presence in international exhibitions, and the admiration and appreciation of relevant organizations, including the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, the Ministry of Commerce, and specialized public and private institutions. Despite sanctions and export restrictions on Iran, in recent years the products of the Uranus chandelier industry have attracted the attention of other countries, especially neighboring countries, and a significant amount of these products have been exported to Iraq, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom. The high quality and wide variety of the company's products, despite the decline of the global market, led to several years of durability in these markets, and led us to expand production capacity, the company's products, including chandeliers, lampshades, decorative lights and. .. can be exported to other countries that have favorable trade conditions with Iran. Kazakhstan is one of the largest independent countries in Central Asia, with a high level of popularity and desirability to achieve this goal. The leading products of the Uranus chandelier industry in modern and modern / classic models, formerly produced using 24-carat gold, and now due to the significant increase in the price of gold in world markets, economical and reasonable economic justification, neither for the buyer nor for the manufacturer. They use the electro-plating method in gold, silver and antique effects, and in some cases are offered as a static or a combination of static and plating. With the necessary support and extensive and dynamic support, these products are subject to a three-year quality guarantee. Utilizing efficient and diligent and specialized personnel in the production line equipped with the most modern equipment in the world, and 25 years of production experience at the highest levels of the decorative industry, "Uranus Chandelier Industries" makes Iran more determined to expand exports to all parts of the world. "Uranus Chandelier Industries"


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